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While most of us never envisioned serving on the HVE PTO, we are pleased to be able to serve the HVE community. We are working parents who did not know each other before this school year and each of us stepped because the PTO was on the verge of disbandment at the end of the 2021 school year.  We encourage you to get to know your PTO because you might be surprised, as we were, to learn just how much the HVE PTO does to benefit the young children of the Happy Valley Elementary School.  Each PTO board member serves a two-year term and we encourage you to consider serving.  And if being an officer is not for you, we have plenty of volunteer opportunities.  We work closely with the school teachers and administrators and are often able to offer volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and skills.  

Co-President Tawnya Thomas 

Tawnya Thomas


I am a mother of four, with my two boys currently at HVE. Teo in second grade and Tatum is in fourth grade. My family has lived in Happy Valley now for over eight years. I was always a classroom mom and never thought I would be a "PTO mom." I did not realize or know how much the PTO does for our school. I'm looking forward to helping build our PTO up after a few difficult years and making new connections.


As a co-president, I oversee all PTO functions, including serving as the key contact and liaison for members, officers, and other constituents. I manage the coordination of the PTO’s fundraising activities, including investigation into various opportunities, and make recommendations to the PTO board in this regard.  Along with my co-president, I am committed to ensuring that all efforts are being directed toward meeting our PTO's goals and objectives.




Co-President Angela Dewey


Hello Happy Valley! My name is Angela Dewey, I have 2 kids here at HVE. My daughter Micah is on her 5th year here as a 4th grader in Mrs. Mooney’s class and my son, Branham is a 1st grader in Mrs Pfleger’s classroom. Every year here we have struck gold with the teachers we’ve had and it seems to be a never ending feeling! I NEVER thought I would be a part of the PTO but now that I am, I am sure if I would have known WHAT the PTO was all these years I would have been more involved and I am so thankful I am now. I look forward to growing relationships here with the staff and all you parents out there. It takes a village and I am happy to be part of THIS village right now.




Secretary Laura Sears


My name is Laura Sears. I am the secretary of the PTO. I have three girls at HVE.  Elizabeth is in 5th grade, Charlotte is in 3rd grade, and Valerie is in Kindergarten.  I am excited to be involved in the PTO.   Just being a part of the school community is a great way to meet people, learn what is happening in the school, and being a help in any way I can. ​



Treasurer Laura Addessio

Picture and bio coming soon. 




Communications and Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Warneke



My name is Stephanie Warneke and my daughter, Stella, will be a third grader this year at HVE. My family, which includes my husband, Chad, and our son Crosby (age 4) has been part of the Happy Valley community for the past seven years.


As your Communications person, my responsibilities include creating informational messaging and helping get the word out about all the great things the PTO is working on. I hope to continue strengthening our communication efforts and keep our positive momentum and engagement going.


Whether you want the latest scoop on activities and events coming up so you can make sure you participate, or you just want to be able to stay in the loop, I aim to keep communication fun, efficient, and useful throughout the year.




Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Pierson


My name is Rachel Pierson and I have one daughter going into 3rd grade at HVE, and one in preschool who cannot wait to be a little Cougar. We have only lived in Happy Valley since 2019, but we love this community and feel so grateful for our schools!


I loved volunteering in the school prior to Covid, and I am so appreciative of the opportunity to volunteer with the PTO when school reopened. I work with children in foster care and have always loved doing whatever I can to help them remember to have fun. I also love being able to bring that spirit to our kids, and I am very excited to be in the role of volunteer coordinator this year so that I can work with so many wonderful parents in our community.



Volunteers Needed

Jog-a-thon is slated to make its return Wednesday, Oct. 12. If you can help, please drop us a line, so we can connect! 

If you can help facilitate HVE's after-school Chess Club, please contact us. We'd love to bring this wonderful after-school group back to campus, but need a couple of volunteers to make it happen.

2022-2023 School Supplies

Save time this summer and take care of your student's school supply needs with one purchase transaction. NCSD will ensure your child has everything needed. Pay online via credit card after entering each of your students' first and last names, plus your email. That's it! 

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Kindy Happenings

Be sure to check out the information below if you've got a kindergartener slated to start in the Fall. These Summer Kindy Playdates are a perfect way to help your newest student meet some classmates! One more meet-up remains!

Do you have questions or need to drop off registration paperwork? You can call the main office at 503-353-5420 and Sunny Lee will answer your questions or schedule a time for you to drop off paperwork. 

Welcome to Kindy, class of 2034!

In case you missed kindy night and want to know more about day-to-day classroom activities of our youngest students, check out these short videos about your child's kindergarten and first grade day. Enjoy these peeks into the classroom.