Take30! School Safety Campaign

The PTO has heard from many parents concerned about crosswalk  and pedestrian safety during drop-off and pick-up. In response, the PTO has partnered with the City of Happy Valley to explore opportunities to remind drivers that as school has returned to in-person learning, our kids are walking around our streets and communities. 


In response to the testimony of the PTO board, the City's Traffic & Public Safety Committee voted in favor of the City partnering with the PTO to put together a joint school safety campaign that reminds drivers that school routes are everywhere, increases driver awareness, and also enables parents, caregivers, and educators to teach the knowledge and skills necessary for everyone to be safe and confident road users. Our collaboration has culminated in the Take30! School Safety Campaign.


To learn more about how Take30! came to be, check out the April issue of HV News. The PTO sends the warmest THANKS to the City of Happy Valley, the City's Traffic and Public Safety Committee, and the Happy Valley Police Department for listening to our concerns and partnering with us on solutions. We are glad you are here and encourage you to also check out the City's school safety campaign to learn more about this partnership. 


Take30! is officially kicking off in April and here are just some of the campaign elements you can expect to see:


  • The Happy Valley Police Department has been making school zone safety a priority with increased patrols during peak traffic times – namely school drop off and pickup. Throughout the month of April, deputies are enhancing their patrol ten-fold with particular increased attention on drivers who fail to stop at a crosswalk when pedestrians are present. By expanding its educational outreach, Happy Valley Police aim to help curb avoidable accidents and injuries, and call attention to the need to approach school zones with patience, caution, and the utmost reserve.


  • All successful efforts are based on education. Both PTO and City will mirror educational outreach throughout the month of April. Through a series of graphics rooted in data and reminders the City hopes to hammer home the seriousness of school zone safety through five tenants: crosswalks, distractions, speed, parking lots, and visibility. The content is designed to appeal to both drivers and pedestrians, who must ultimately work together to ensure safety for all.


  • On Friday, May 20, the Happy Valley Parks and Recreation will be joining this initiative by hosting an event that celebrates safe routes to school. On this day, we are encouraging students and parents of Happy Valley Elementary and Happy Valley Middle School to ditch the car, truck, and SUV, and instead opt to walk or bike to class while stopping by the park! There, you can pick up some fun giveaway items, grab coffee, water, and pastries, and visit with Happy Valley Police deputies and other safety experts from Oregon Impact and ODOT.


  • The PTO will continue working with the City to explore additional safety elements, including reduced uniform speed limit around the Super Block and additional road improvements.


  • With the help from the City, the PTO has also partnered with the Happy Valley Middle School to create additional age-appropriate educational materials we will be unveiling in April and May.


  • In the meantime, please be kind to the crossing guards and DRIVE SLOW by them. They are our beloved PE teacher, Mr. Renner, music teacher, Mr. Borin, and instructional assistant, Mrs. Weeks. In addition to teaching our kids every day, they have families of their own.

Safety is a shared responsibility.  Together, let's keep our community safe!




Safety First!

The PTO, in close partnership with the City of Happy Valley, created the Take30! School Safety Campaign. Take30! is designed to encourage drivers and pedestrians to take an active role in establishing safe habits and routines when using the roads. By partnering together, we are committed to generating valuable conversations that decrease accidents and ensure healthy and safe road behaviors. To learn more about how Take30! came to be, check out the April issue of HV NewsThe PTO sends the warmest THANKS to the City of Happy Valley and the Happy Valley Police Department for listening to our concerns and partnering with us on solutions. On May 20, we jointly hosted our first Walk and Roll to School event that we hope further raised awareness about safety. A crosswalk safety enforcement operation followed.


Please check our the City's and PTO's school safety campaign pages to learn more, and don't miss the safety video put together by our very own HV Middle School!


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