Given the financial strains of the last two years, the PTO board has prioritized events and expenditures that benefit every single child at the school.  We have also had to get creative with fundraisers and events to ensure that they are safe, socially-distant activities that every family can participate in.  We are pleased to bring to HVE the following events.

Chipotle Fundraiser

HVE PTO is partnering with Chipotle (12130 SE 82nd Ave., Happy Valley, OR) on January 19, 2022. Order online for pick up between 4pm and 8pm and be sure to use code 2CXLC37 and Chipotle will give back 33% of all sales to HVE PTO!  It's a great way to support the PTO while getting dinner!


Thank you, boys team charity!

Have you heard that blackberry bushes were invading the HVE playground and swallowing the kids' balls? That was until the PTO called in the boys team charity Happy Valley League to help. The ferocious blackberries proved to be no match for the boys, moms, and dads who reclaimed the playground and freed our balls - check out the before and after photos. Thank you to the Sarish Family, the Sorensen Family, the Tayler Family, the Cullison Family, the Frary Family, and the Andre Family for all your work! We are so grateful for this incredible partnership. And thank you to the City of Happy Valley for being a good neighbor and connecting the PTO with the btc HV League!



4th Grade Virtual Field Trip to OMSI

The PTO is sending HVE's entire fourth grade on an adventure in physics without leaving the classroom. Brought live into the classroom by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Funtastic Physics! includes a general introduction to a science topic and hands-on, interactive activities. HVE's fourth-graders will explore the laws of physics while playing with everyday toys. They join a videotaped space mission and predict and observe how toys act in the weightless conditions of space. Topics include action/reaction, force applications, inertia, momentum and Newton’s three laws of motion.



Volunteers Needed

Jog-a-thon is slated to make its return Wednesday, Oct. 12. If you can help, please drop us a line, so we can connect! 

If you can help facilitate HVE's after-school Chess Club, please contact us. We'd love to bring this wonderful after-school group back to campus, but need a couple of volunteers to make it happen.

2022-2023 School Supplies

Save time this summer and take care of your student's school supply needs with one purchase transaction. NCSD will ensure your child has everything needed. Pay online via credit card after entering each of your students' first and last names, plus your email. That's it! 

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Kindy Happenings

Be sure to check out the information below if you've got a kindergartener slated to start in the Fall. These Summer Kindy Playdates are a perfect way to help your newest student meet some classmates! One more meet-up remains!

Do you have questions or need to drop off registration paperwork? You can call the main office at 503-353-5420 and Sunny Lee will answer your questions or schedule a time for you to drop off paperwork. 

Welcome to Kindy, class of 2034!

In case you missed kindy night and want to know more about day-to-day classroom activities of our youngest students, check out these short videos about your child's kindergarten and first grade day. Enjoy these peeks into the classroom.